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IRIS F3J glider 18 Our new F3J model line. Developed in 2013. The model is made with exceptional quality. The model is fully simulated on a computer. Carefully designed aerodynamics and airframe construction. In the manufacture of molds and tooling used the most modern CNC equipment.


IRIS F3J equipment arrangement 1IRIS F3J glider 4IRIS F3J glider 5IRIS F3J equipment arrangement 2

IRIS F3J glider 1



IRIS   чертежIRIS F3JIRIS F3J equipment arrangement 1IRIS F3J equipment arrangement 2IRIS F3J glider 1IRIS F3J glider 410440919_740568379347958_1388802647221950356_n10716064_1549444088623169_1230183735_n10719539_1549442911956620_1795956410_n_OS_6513_1IRIS F3J glider 4